Just your average glasses wearing cosplaying Homestuck reading youtuber stalking fanart drawing Johnlock shipping geeky 16 year old pansexual australian girl who's still waiting for her Doctor to take her to Night Vale via the Enterprise.

there is going to be a lot of gay.


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Anonymous asked: gay ghost

That is exactly the kind of monster I would be

Coby requested smth from rwby??? Haha I don’t watch it cries what even are characters

In the spirit of Halloween, what type of monster could you see me as?

I have spare time yo what should I draw??




I think OTPs are subconsciously what we want in relationships

this shit hit me like a train

What the fuck did you people think they were??

  • me: i am actually so happy with my life right now for once
  • next day: *everything fucks up*




overprotective parents raise the best liars.

but seriously, i mean i don´t even do bad things and i have to lie a lot


if you’re a fuck up and you know it clap your hands


I cant think of a single female character that isn’t widely hated by the sherlock fandom

in contrast, I cant think of a single male character that IS widely hated by the sherlock fandom

that is not a coincidence

idk man i’m p sure the majority of us kinda think magnussen is scum


how could you hate mrs hudson????????